We're an all-in-one resource for everything Squarespace.

What We Do

Squarefront creates products, services and learning materials for the Squarespace website platform. We're a design-led consulting and education company at heart, with an inspiration and community-first approach to learning. 

Squarespace has simply redefined the process of building websites. They've created a creative platform that's incredibly simple to use, yet powerful enough to support even the most complex of design projects.
~ Jason Barone, CEO & Founder at Squarefront

It's no surprise that we love Squarespace, and we're determined to be the only resource you'll ever need. The best way to understand what we do is by exploring our sitemap. Nearly everything you see on Squarefront will relate to Squarespace, but it's important to note that we are not Squarespace employees, and Squarefront is not endorsed by or affiliated with, Squarespace.

About the Company

Squarefront was created and developed by Jason Barone, a passionate designer and developer that has used Squarespace for over 8 years. Squarefront is Jason's vision for what a Squarespace resource should be; a one-stop place for everything you need to succeed with Squarespace.

At Squarefront, we do things a bit differently. We're a small, distributed team with a focus on low-overhead, SaaS-driven, scalable infrastructure. This means our team can work from anywhere and our technology is 100% powered by web services. We want to focus our efforts on creating products and services for the community rather than worrying about complex internal technology.

We are what we teach. We're proud to say that Squarefront's website is powered by Squarespace, with the help of a few external web services.

Transparency is king. We've made a conscious decision to share as much as we can with the community. From our design and development philosophies to our brand and style guide, you'll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about how we run Squarefront.